Tracking and reporting

Keeping tabs on the development of your children is of the utmost importance to us. To facilitate this, we observe and register your children’s progress on a daily basis.

Tracking your child’s progress

Casa uses the (MRX) system to digitally record and analyze the progress of your children. It is an important tool that aids teachers in tailoring their guidance and lessons to the abilities of the students. Thistool allows us to generate reports; plan and (re)schedule activities; and use historic data to extrapolate further student development. Parents also have access to this system via the ParentPortal.

Our teachers are trained to make focused and pertinent observations of the progress of your children. This lets them adapt their lessons and guidance to better serve the development of their students.

We also use tests as an extra method of evaluating the progress of the students. We, of course, assume that this will only serve as further confirmation of our own analyses.

The measures we take all serve our primary goal: giving your children all the tools and aid available to ensure that they take their rightful place as confident, educated and talented members of our society.

Keeping in touch with parents

Parental involvement is something we at Casa set great store by. We have a parent-teacher conference twice a year to update parents on the development of their children. Before these conferences, parents are also offered an opportunity to observe their children during their work cycle. More information regarding the conferences and observational opportunities can be found in the School Handbook.

Aside from the conferences, we also organize parents’ evenings dedicated to specific themes that might interest parents, covering such subjects as Montessori philosophy or the overlap between home and school life. We hold such evenings at least twice a year, as it is a wonderful opportunity to hear from and exchange ideas with the parents of the students.


Casa publishes a monthly newsletter for all the parents of Casa students.

Time to meet

Casa has regular “Time to meet” moments - every Wednesday and Friday afternoon at 1400hrs (2pm). Parents are welcome to meet with the staff and discuss the development of their children, or ask any questions they have.