Three year olds

It is customary in the Netherlands for primary school education to begin at 4 years old. Casa, however, utilises the International Montessori educational method and development stages (as laid down by dr. Montessori).

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Children are welcome at Casa from their third year. Montessori-style education has specially crafted methods and material dedicated to their development. Unlike “normal” Dutch schools, children start their studies at 3 years of age here at Casa. It has been our experience that they learn faster than if they would have started a year later. As children at this age love to imitate their elders, they are in a wonderful position to accelerate their learning and understanding by watching and copying the older children. As Casa is a fully bilingual school, young children are constantly surrounded by English and Dutch. This allows them to pick up both languages effortlessly, as they hear it every day.

Three year olds are welcome at Casa at a minimum of two days per week. It is possible to mix and match the amount of hours they spend at Casa, to better fit into their and their parents’ schedules. Young children who are present at Casa for long periods of the day are given ample opportunity to rest and relax in the early afternoon. The Casa faculty will be more than happy to help and advise you in creating a tailor made schedule for your child. An interesting (Dutch) article concerning three year olds can be found through the link below.