School Policy documents

This page contains information regarding Casa’s policies and regulations, school inspection reports and other relevant documents.

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Pedagogical Policy

What are Casa’s goals, and how do we aim to achieve them? Our policy contains guidelines and processes to aid us in providing and maintaning a safe and restful environment for the children. This is exceptionally important for their future growth and development.
This document is mandatory for child care for 3 year olds and after school care and is updated anually.

School Handbook

The Handbook contains useful  information about Casa. It allows you – the parent – to see what you can expect of Casa and its teachers, and what they can offer your child. The Handbook also informs the parents and students as to what Casa (and its teachers and staff) expect in return.
This document is mandatory for schools and is updated anually.

Inspection reports

The GGD (which inspects daycare providers) and mandatory Dutch educational inspection reports can be found here. Available in Dutch only

Non-Payment protocols

In the case of parents defaulting on the Casa School fees, this document details the processes Casa follows to resolve any disputes.