Casa offers parents multiple choices of student packages: the Basic package, the Total package, or the Basic+ package. All packages fully comply with the mandatory Dutch regulation of 940 school hours per year. Please find a list below detailing the prices of the three different packages Casa offers.

Basic Package

Students enrolled using the Basic package will attend school five days a week, with start between 08.00 and 08:30 to 14.00. Their school holidays will follow the standard Dutch holiday schedule for the middle region. Please see below for said schedule.

Total Package

The Total Package allows students and parents to be completely flexible with their attendance and vacation days. Aside from the standard five day school week ending at 14.00, parents are free to have their children stay longer at school.

Also, the Total Packages allows a maximum of 10 weeks holidays outside of the normal Casa holiday schedule. Please see the schedule below.

To ensure that students are attending the mandatory amount of school hours, all children and their attendance times are registered in the school administration systems.

Advantages of the Total Package

Proper, complete Montessori-style educationas envisaged by Dr. Maria Montessori is only possible when children are present in school for longer periods of time. There is no arbitrary split between school and day care in the Montessori philosophy and pedagogy. Please find below a more extensive list of the advantages the Total Packages offers students and parents.

Basic+ Package

The Basic+ Package is the final package available. Students will attend the standard allotment of school days (5 days a week, starting between 08.00 and 08:30 and ending at 14.00). Adding to that, parents are free to have their children be present at Casa for after school daycare for 2 to 5 days of the week (4 hours of daycare after school hours).

The holiday schedule follows the standard Dutch school holiday schedule. During these periods, students will stay at home. This means that no daycare option is available during standard school holidays.