School board

The Casa School and Casa Daycare Foundations are run by its Board of Directors, which at this moment consists of five people. The Board is set up to be fully compliant with the “Code Goed Bestuur”.

Three members of the Board serve in a supervisory capacity: H. Dirksmeier, J. Willemse and B. Stam. They are tasked with internal affairs and observation.

Two members of the board are the executive branch: Tessa Wessels and Karin Keizer. They are tasked with implementing the Board’s directives.

The Board of Directors is responsible for Casa School policy. This covers the future direction and developments in the Casa foundations, quality assurance and improvement, HR concerns, student performance and Casa school identity.

The School Board of Directors answers to the Kingdom of the Netherlands via the Ministry of Education.

    Team members & Contact

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      Barbara Stam

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      Hugo Dirksmeier

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      Jeanneke Willems

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      Karin Keizer

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      Tessa Wessels