Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is composed of parents and teachers and is a compulsory institution.

The PTA is involved in (new) school policy at Casa. It gives advice and support, and when needed initiates policy changes. There are certain areas where the Council has advisory and approval powers. Also, the Council evaluates the implementation of school policy, and is always open to parental concerns regarding the students.

The PTA comsists of a representation of parents and teachers.

The PTA convenes once every six weeks, together with the Parent Committee, and can be reached via e-mail or direct contact with the members.

The minutes can be requested at the school administration and via [email protected]

    Team members & Contact

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      Geert Ravesteijn

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      Jeanet Bossche

    3. Img width 300 casa profiel

      Mike van Vendeloo

    4. Img width 300 richard spek

      Richard Spek

    5. Img width 300 sanneke klein

      Sanneke Eshuijs