The eventteam is a team of enthusiastic parents who coordinate all the events and outings that take place at Casa. They work together with teammembers of Casa and with other parents.

The classes have a monthly outing, from the Children’s House to the Upper Elementary. From the Lower Elementary (groups 3-5) these outings are arranged to match their curriculum (AMI theme per month, in a three-year calendar).

There are all kinds of events such as the Four Day Walk, Kings Games, Feast of Lights, annual School Picnic, but also recurring practical matters including traffic lessons, the school photographer and parent meetings. And sometimes, something comes up that you might find interesting for the school (students/parents) that we could take advantage of. This includes a lecture by a famous American neurologist, for example, or an opportunity to attend a free theatre.

These are often very enjoyable, fun, and helpful, but they need to be regulated… and this is done by the Events Team.

So who are we?

Parents of children at Casa. There is a parent for every kind of event:

  • Outings Children's House: Eefje Kelder en Ryanne Daalmijer
  • Outings Elementary: Mariola Barth
  • Outings Upper elementary: Marieke Molenaar
  • Work week Elementary: Renate Bonomelli en Mariola Barth
  • Work week Upper elementary: Katerina Kiakos
  • Summer Festival: Christina Bejski
  • Sinterklaas: Katerina Kiakos
  • Winter Festival: Marjon Gillet
  • Sport tournaments: Denise Hilhorst
  • Traffic lessons Children's House/Elementary: Siew-loon Ooi
  • Traffic lessons Upper elementary: Marieke Molenaar
  • Studiedag Children's House: Eefje Kelder
  • Sportdays Elementary and Upper elementary: Claudia Smit
  • Four day run (Avond4Daagse): Renate Bonomelli
  • Kingsday: Mariola Barth
  • Parent evenings Children's house: Marjon Gillet en Ryanne Daalmijer
  • Parent evenings Elementary: vacature
  • Parent evenings Upper elementary: Denise Hilhorst
  • Schoolphotographer: Eefje Kelder

We can be contacted via [email protected]

    Team members & Contact

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      Denise Hilhorst

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      Marjon Gillet-Drost

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      Renate Bonomelli

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      Ryanne Daalmijer