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Earth, Sun and Venus enjoying the ‘Tortel’ (play) garden

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Wednesday 15th of June all children of the Children’s house enjoyed a day out to the ‘Torteltuin’. With three buses we drove from Casa to Schiebroek in Rotterdam. At the playground the children of Earth, Sun and Venus had fun in a large sandbox with a water play course and a sturdy crane. There was also a large trail with bikes, tricycles, scooters and go-karts for all ages. For the little adventurers there were several climbing towers and bridges. But the real highlight was ofcourse  the puppet theatre on wheels. What an exciting story!
And what a lucky day, it only started to rain when we already sat in the bus on our way back to Casa. We had been able to enjoy the last sun of that day. A very successful day!
The playground, which runs entirely on volunteers, is open untill September every day from 11:00 to 18:00. Over the weekend, the children's playground opens an hour later.
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