Casa is now a Changemaker school

Ashoka is a worldwide organisation, active in more than 70 countries. The goal: to contribute to social solutions on a global scale.

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What is Ashoka?

The Idea: to enable a world wherein each individual is capable of recognising social challenges and has the skills and confidence to contribute to the solution to these problems.                                                                                                                            

The Problem: Major social problems in the world such as poverty, climate change and the refugee crisis are becoming increasingly complex making solutions to these problems more difficult and complicated.

 The Strategy: to stimulate positive changes in the world by supporting and strengthening the number of Changemakers.

Ashoka Fellows
The first pillar of the strategy is  finding social innovators who have a completely new and scalable innovation. After an intensive search and selection process, nominees are appointed as Ashoka Fellows. Currently there are 3200 Ashoka Fellows worldwide, a famous example being Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.

Changemaker Schools
The second pillar focuses on increasing the number of Changemakers.  Since 2011 Askoka have searched for Changemaker schools, worldwide there are more than 200 Changemaker schools. These Changemaker schools work with their students by developing personal skills shared by Changemakers around the world: Change maker Skills. Through the development of these skills, including empathic ability, creativity, the will to cooperate and leadership, children are able to identify their own potential and that of others  at a young age and are able to put these skills to good use.

Ashoka believes that an empathetic and creative child, that works well together  with others and is able to make their own choices,  are much more likely to become  changemakers. This means that they are motivated to solve social problems and to initiate positive change in a fast and ever-changing world. Within the Everyone a change maker vision, they see an important role for schools. Schools play a key role in the development of children and in forming them as the changemakers of the future,  Ashoka  want to support those schools that place importance on these factors.

Cooperation with international Organisations
Thirdly, Ashoka are working with international companies to speed up innovations within certain sectors. An example of this is the cooperation with the LEGO Foundation which searches for innovators in the field of Education.

Ashoka Netherlands
Ashoka officially began in The Netherlands in April 2015.  It is a Dutch Foundation with a Board and a team of employees, including volunteers. There are currently 4 Fellows in The Netherlands.

Appointment of Casa as Changemaker school.
On the 24th June, Ashoka Netherlands introduced 2 new Fellows and the first 6 Changemaker Schools in The Netherlands, 5 Secondary Schools and 1 Primary school, namely – Casa!!

Representing Casa in the Diligentia Theatre in The Hague were Tessa Wessels, Barbera Stam (board), Hugo Dirksmeier (board), Jeanneke Willems (board), Brigitte Schuurhuizen (Teacher, Childrens House), Engelien de Bruin (Internal Mentor), Bo Mynett (Teacher, Upper Elementary), Mariola Barth (Event team) and Renate Bonomelli (Event Team).

A short film presenting Casa was shown before Tessa gave a speech introducing Casa to the audience.

It was an enjoyable and inspiring evening showcasing what Ashoka does and also highlighting the diverse and innovative Secondary Schools there are in The Netherlands.

How to proceed as a Changemaker School?
Casa has been invited to participate in the Ashoka Netherlands Innovation Day on Education which will take place on  3rd September in Driebergen with interesting speakers and workshops.

As a Changemaker school Casa is now part of a worldwide network, set up by Ashoka, in order to identify, connect and support innovative schools.   What this means for Casa will become clearer in the near future.

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