A regular day in the Upper Elementary

This morning the children did lots of work. Some children had a lesson with cross-multiplication (advanced multiplications), others on percentages, others on functions of words, spelling or cosmic research.

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After lunch we went outside to find some leaves to inspire us to make some art. 

The children were very excited! "Look at this leaf! It is so pretty!" "Look at these leaves, they're all different colors!" "All the leaves are beautiful!" "Don't take too many leaves from the ground, the tree needs them to keep his roots warm!" "Ah a spider!" "Don't touch him! He is our friend!" "Look at this leaf! It looks like it's on fire!" 

This was taking place after our wonderful workweek where the children learned a lot about plants. They had lessons on the parts of a plant, kinds of parts, functions of the parts and their relation to the greater whole. 

I feel so warm inside when I hear the children's responses to nature. The lessons are like sowing seeds and these seeds started to grow already! The lessons and work gave them knowledge, out of knowledge children will understand, out of understanding comes appreciation. Appreciation for the world they live in. A gift you might see when you open your eyes.

  • Leaf 2
    Leaf 2
  • Leaf 3
    Leaf 3
  • Leaf 4
    Leaf 4