Stay up-to-date with the latest Casaschool-related news.

  1. Toddler Group opening at Casa!

    Casa wishes to broaden the scope of its child center concept.

  2. First Information Lunch 13 Oct 2017

    The Little Scientist and His Development!

  3. Casa in German newspaper

    The flexible schedule of Casa attracted the attention of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

  4. Safety Perception Survey

    A school environment that offers security is a precondition for learning, improves educational performance and reduce absenteeism.

  5. Casa is now a Changemaker school

    Ashoka is a worldwide organisation, active in more than 70 countries. The goal: to contribute to social solutions on a global scale.

  6. Summary visit Torteltuin

    Earth, Sun and Venus enjoying the ‘Tortel’ (play) garden

  7. Interview about cooking at Casa

    The vegetarian cooking by the Elementary students of Casa is the subject of an interview at

  8. Presentation Project Explorers

    The Upper elementary finished the cosmic project about explorers and journeys of discoveries today.

  9. A regular day in the Upper Elementary

    This morning the children did lots of work. Some children had a lesson with cross-multiplication (advanced multiplications), others on percentages, others on functions of words, spelling or cosmic research.

  10. Lower Elementary is on work week

    And the theme is 'Art'

  11. Lecture on School 2.0 by Dr Steve J. Hughes

    Casa Bilingual Montessori school and the Haags Montessori Lyceum organise on April 9 a lecture about "School 2.0" by Dr. Steve Hughes, a famous neuro psychologist.

  12. The mandatory end test

    As of this year, the end test for the eldest pupils of the primary school has become mandatory.

  13. Second place National Education award (updated)

    Casa's outside work is awarded with the second place in the Nationale Onderwijsprijs (National Education award), for the provice of Zuid Holland. Additionally we won the price of the public. A beautiful result for the young school.

  14. Pilot Billingual Primairy Education (TPO)

    Casa school participates in the pilot Tweetalig Primair Onderwijs (Billingual Primary Education). This pilot is initiated by the Dutch ministery of Education

  15. Nominated for the National Education prize

    Casa is nominated for the National education price 2013-2015 Zuid Holland.

  16. Pictures: visit to the Fire Station

    In small groups the Childrens House visited Pijnackers' Fire station. With a small introduction it was of to all kind of exciting endevours.

  17. Substitute teachers and staff

    Casa school is looking for substitute teachers and staff.

  18. Upper Elementary is on Work week

    The theme of the work week in Delft is 'Today we make history'.

  19. Geeltje comes to visit

    Geeltje from yoga will visit Casa students again. You are invited to get to know him already.

  20. Letter from the Upper Elementary Children

    Below you will find three letters, written by the children of the Upper Elementary, about the 'Lego League,' the North Pole Academy, and the Corpus Exhibition.

  21. Casa in magazine Libelle

    A Casa student is interviewed about the school that is always open.

  22. Very succesful sports day (UPDATED)

    Last friday Casa organised together with Team4Talent a very succesful sports day.

  23. Overview of activities 2014

    The new overview of activities for all students is available.

  24. Casa rooster gone

    After complaints from neighbors the Casa roosters had to move.

  25. Casa example for Amsterdam

    Casa can be an example for Amsterdam schools in implementing a more flexible way of school opening times, according to the article in Het Parool of August 14, 20114.

  26. Nutrition at Casa is an example for other schools

    This is one of the conclusions of the investigation conducted by students of the Nutrition department of Haagse Hogeschool at the request of Casa.

  27. Sporting Afternoon with Team4Talent

    The first afternoon of sport activities provided by Team4Talent was a success!

  28. Casa Elementary visits The Art of Brick

    The Elementary children visited the expo The Art of Brick in Amsterdam at July 31.

  29. Yoga class celebrates the wedding of Groentje

    The past lessons the classes celebrated that Groentje has been married.

  30. Judo exams

    The Childrens House and (Upper) Elementary children attended judo exams last week.

  31. Visit to Albert Heijn

    The Childrens House visited the Albert Heijn this time.

  32. Casa's first home grown veggies

    Today Casa harvested the first home grown vegetables: beetroot and broad beans.

  33. Elementary works with water

    Elementary (6 - 12 year) are having a camp in Zeeland. Water is the theme of the week.

  34. King for 1 day

    "Imagine you'd be king for 1 day, what rule would you impose?" This question was asked by 'King Green' at the end of the yoga lesson at CASAschool.

  35. Casa has a Waiting List

    At this moment, Casa now has a waiting list. If you would like for your child to attend Casa, it is advised that you sign up as early as possible.

  36. Nature garden at Casa

    Casa is on the verge of changing the outdoor space at the Acacialaan into a real naturegarden. John Verheusen made a beautiful design for our garden, which you will find at the bottom of this page.

  37. Week menu 14 - 18 April

    Casa offers all students every day varied vegetarian and biological meals.

  38. Montessori taught by your own child?

    On every last friday of the month, Casa offers a chance to be taught a Montessori lesson.

  39. Blog about Montessori meeting about the ‘sensitive periods’

    A report of parent Manuela Damant, about the March 15th Montessori meeting

  40. Week menu 7 - 11 April

    Casa offers all students every day varied vegetarian and biological meals.

  41. Week menu 31 March - 4 April

    Casa offers all students every day varied vegetarian and biological meals.

  42. Week menu 24 - 28 March

    Casa offers all students every day varied vegetarian and biological meals.

  43. Casa students at judo tournament Pijnacker

    Some children of Casa participated in the judo tournament in Pijnacker.

  44. Animals residence at Acacialaan

    The beautiful animals residence and covered work area at the patio has been finished.

  45. Week menu 17 - 21 March

    Casa offers all students every day varied vegetarian and biological meals.

  46. 2nd Montessori morning

    On Saturday 15 March at 10 am we have our next Montessori morning . We will look at the 4 stages of development and the inner drives as described by Maria Montessori. These meetings are open to Casa parents as well as other interested people.

  47. Week menu 10 - 14 March

    Casa offers all students every day varied vegetarian and biological meals.

  48. Engineering and Technology Discovery Chest

    This Discovery Chest contains a range of items related to technology and engineering, one of the components of technical education. In this way children are introduced to various components of the technology sector.

  49. Week menu 3 - 7 March

    Casa offers all students every day varied vegetarian and biological meals.

  50. Meeting Maria Montessori (2)

    At Januari 24 and 25 januari parents could participate in a Silent Journey and getting acqainted with the Montessori materials. In addition to an earlier blog post a report from the location Ru Parésingel.

  51. Casa starts with Montessori lectures

    Montessori is much more than a specific didactics. It is a way of life with a particular look at the development of man. It has an impact on the guidance of children, therefore on the role parents play in the development of their children.

  52. A meeting with Maria Montessori # learning is fun

    On Januari 24 and 25 parents could enjoy the Silent Journey to discover their kids world of learning. This is the story of one of these parents.

  53. VVD requests to support the growth of Casaschool

    Article in Dutch local newspaper Telstar. The liberal party VVD requests the city council to keep the location Ru Parrésingel open until a second location for the Casaschool has been found.

  54. Toileting with the Montessori approach

    How to work on toileting with your child using the Montessiori apporach?

  55. Price list 2014 is available

    The price list 2014 is available

  56. Casa at presentation Area Atlas

    This message is only available in Dutch.

  57. Intern at Ru Parésingel

    Susanne Bergh is an intern for 3 orienting weeks during the year. She will be present at the Ru Parésingel.

  58. Erica finishes the New York marathon

    Erica Geers finished the New York marathon. After 4.27.49 hour and 42,195 km she passed the finish line.

  59. Elementary goes to De Betovering

    The Elementary went thursday 24 October to theater Rabarber in The Hague.

  60. City counsel member José van Egmond opens 2nd location of Casaschool

    News item and press release, in Dutch, regarding the opening of the 2nd location of the fast expanding Casaschool.

  61. Casa team members cycle for a good cause

    Saturday September 14, 4 team members of Casa cycled the 12 inch race. A yearly spectacle in Pijnacker where adults race child bicycles for a good cause. A crowd of Casa children and their parents came to support the team. We are proud on our fabulous four!

  62. Casa School opens a new location on the Acacialaan

    Due to the phenomenal growth of the enrolled student body at its building on the Ru Paresingel, Casa recently opened a new location on the Acacialaan in Pijnacker on the 2nd September 2013.

  63. Mud day at Casa

    Due to World Mud Day Casa celebrated a Mud Day at July 6th. The children enjoyed this very much!

  64. 600 euro for Roparun

    Students of Casa Bilangual Montessori School have been busy selling cards they created themselves. The revenue is given to Roparun.

  65. Casa welcomes 130th student

    Translation follows.

  66. Casa introduces online tracking system ‘MRX’

    Translation follows

  67. Casa plays musical Annie

    Translation follows.

  68. Convenant Veiligheid getekend

    Casa heeft mede het convenant 'Veiligheid in en rond school' getekend.

  69. Kamerlid bezoekt Casa

    Op 19 september bezocht Tweede Kamerlid Berckmoes Casaschool.

  70. 5 dagen per week na schoolse opvang

    Casa biedt sinds augustus 2012 ook op woensdag na schoolse opvang (NSO).