Log-in for parents of Casa students

This page contains login details for the MRX and Flexkids systems.

Login for MRX

Casa utilizes the Montessori Records Xpress (MRX) software package to track individual student data.  MRX allows you to view your child’s scholastic progress, such as what he or she is currently doing or what has already been achieved.

You will also have access to a video library, which showcase Montessori concepts and methods put to practical use.

Also available in MRX are class lists and attendance sheets, which you are of course able to view.

Log in through this link: https://www.montessorirx.com/

Login for Flexkids

Casa uses the Flexweb for its administrative tasks. Through this web portal, parents are able to:

  • Access personal data and edit them if needed
  • View invoices, contracts, publications and other Casa documents available for viewing
  • Arrange (or change) for extra daycare requests
  • Inform staff of vacation days and absences of your children
  • Enroll a new student

Log in via this link: https://casaschool.flexkids.nl/user/ouder

Private Facebook group for parents

Casa has a private Facebook group for parents, by parents. Tips, tricks and general information is passed along via this group by interested parents for the group members. To join the Facebook group, please send an email to [email protected].