Outings & activity

Planned and reports of outings and activities.


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  1. Summary visit Torteltuin

    Earth, Sun and Venus enjoying the ‘Tortel’ (play) garden

  2. Pictures: visit to the Fire Station

    In small groups the Childrens House visited Pijnackers' Fire station. With a small introduction it was of to all kind of exciting endevours.

  3. Upper Elementary is on Work week

    The theme of the work week in Delft is 'Today we make history'.

  4. Letter from the Upper Elementary Children

    Below you will find three letters, written by the children of the Upper Elementary, about the 'Lego League,' the North Pole Academy, and the Corpus Exhibition.

  5. Very succesful sports day (UPDATED)

    Last friday Casa organised together with Team4Talent a very succesful sports day.

  6. Overview of activities 2014

    The new overview of activities for all students is available.

  7. Casa Elementary visits The Art of Brick

    The Elementary children visited the expo The Art of Brick in Amsterdam at July 31.

  8. Elementary works with water

    Elementary (6 - 12 year) are having a camp in Zeeland. Water is the theme of the week.

  9. King for 1 day

    "Imagine you'd be king for 1 day, what rule would you impose?" This question was asked by 'King Green' at the end of the yoga lesson at CASAschool.