Cosmic theme LE june/july

Img width 300 643px haeckel hepaticae levermossen
For June and July there are two cosmic themes that are combined.
June: classification of plant kingdom 
July: classification of animal kingdom.

In the first week of June there were all kinds of lessons about the Bee. Through the Honey Highway foundation we ordered flower seeds, which will the children sow in the school garden and make seedballs. We hope for directions from the municipality where we can sow around the schoolarea. The students had a lesson about the world of bees on Cosmic Tuesday and in the same week a beekeeper visited the classes.

Over the coming weeks, the lessons are related to the Second Great Lesson - Coming of Life. Every form of life contributes to the earth. Cosmic Tuesdays will be about:
  • Botany: study of plants, classification,  types of plants
  • Animals: classification animal kingdom: division vertebrates / invertebrates and which groups belong to it
Plants can be divided into five large groups. These are the following:
· Wheels or algae
· Mosses
· Horse tails
· Ferns
· Seedplants

These are currently also in the classes!

Both themes have subjects with previous lessons in the past year (flowers, leaves, internal and external parts of animals)