3th Trafficlesson Lower Elementary

The entire lesson will occur within the school compound. Each class will be divided into 2 groups, with each group having 45 minutes for the curriculum (google translated):

Activity 1: Pendulum Hose ... STOP!

Activity 2: Ride alongside an obstacle and catch up

Activity 3: The snail and the hare

Location: Casa School at Acacialaan, Goudenregensingel 25A, 2641 AV, Pijnacker. 

Please bring: a bike with brake is required. A bike with training wheels is also fine. Helmet is optional. If rain is expected, please also bring rainwear.

We need your help:  Three parents are needed for each session.  If you could help, could you please email [email protected] using middenbouw verkeerles #3 as the title, and clearly stating the session you could help with and your child’s name. We especially appreciate it you could help for the entire day. 

By the way: We are looking for a new coordinator for Lower Elementary traffic lesson for the next school year.  If you are interested, please email: [email protected] with the title “coordinator middenbouw verkeersles”.

The schedule for the classroom is as follows:
Mercury group one: 9.00-9.45
Mercury group two: 9.45-10.30
Mars group one: 10.30-11.15
Mars group two: 11.15-12.00
Jupiter group one: 12.30-13.15
Jupiter group two: 13.15-14.00