This year the 5 year olds of the Children's Houses (who have been registered by their parents), and all the Lower Elementary children with a total package arrangement, will be going to "Jeugdland" once more. This year "Jeugdland" is from August 14 through August 18.

 "Jeugdland" is a play week for the elementary school children (5 through 12 year olds).

 The Lower Elementary children can move freely over the premises and participate in all kinds of activities. The children of the Children Houses ( the 5 year olds) are being accompanied by the pedagogical assistants of "Jeugdland" throughout the day.

 Like last year Casa will have a tent on the premises, where our own pedagogical assistants will be present the whole day.

 From 8 on the children are welcome at Casa. After everybody has made his own lunch, we will walk over to the premises of "Jeugdland.'

 If your child has short day, you can pick up your child at 3.30 at the Casa tent. Please, check out with an assistant that has a list with the names of the children.

 Would be, please, mention this to the grandmoms and granddads, etc. It is very annoying, if we have to search the premises for children that have been picked up already!

 If your child has a long day, we then walk back to Casa together, where you can pick up your child till 6.

 Please, bring the following along: backpack, set of clean clothing, rain jacket, lunch box, bidon and optionally swimming outfits for the Lower Elementary children.

 Please, label all your belongings.

 Leave the following at home: money, food, candy, cookies and toys.

 If you have time to walk with us to "Jeugdland' between 9 and 10, your help is more than welcome.

 It is going to be a very nice and creative week.

 You could check out the site of 'Jeugdland': http://jeugdland-pijnacker.nl/jeugdland/

 Do you have any questions, please, contact Sabrina at [email protected]