Articles & Links

Background information on Montessori education and bilingualism.

  1. BBC: Extraordinary women

    A beautiful English version of the BBC production of Maria Montessori via their series of Extraordinary Women.

  2. Montessori Madness!

    Movie about difference between regular and Montessori education.

  3. Montessori EducationProvides Better Outcomes than Traditional Methodes

    A study comparing outcomes of children at a public inner-city Montessori school with children who attended traditional schools indicates that Montessori education leads to children with better social and academic skills.

  4. Montessori schools achieve highest national test results

    Montessori schools achieve highest results on the national school tests. The link below is to a Dutch news site.

  5. 3 year olds in the Childrens house

    The young child: the back bone of the Montessori system - article by Tessa Wessels and Lies van Santen (Dutch).

  6. Reflections on All Day All Year


In 1996 Margot Waltuch wrote an article for the NAMTA Journal that described the typical day at the school with which she is best remembered, La Maison des Enfants in Paris, France during the years from 1933 to 1938. I believe that there could be no better description of the classic Montessori experience than hers:

"The children attended school all day.

  7. Cosmic education

    The particular Montessori approach to education for childhood, 6 to 12 years old is called Cosmic Education. This particular education or approach has to do with the cosmos, with the Universe. The centring axis of cosmic education, which Montessori herself identifies as Man in the Universe, serves to focus or centre the child, both his mind and his feelings and it also orientates him.

  8. Elementary Classroom Management Cosmic Education

    An item about implementing Cosmic Education in Elementary

  9. Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies

    Patricia Kuhl shares her ashtonishing findings how babies learn a language.

  10. Educational first in Pijnacker

    Dutch newspaper article of Casa school becoming the first bilungual primary school of the Netherlands.

  11. First primary school starts with bilingual education

    Article in Dutch newspaper: 3 year olds are educated in Dutch and English.

  12. Parents determine school times

    Article in Dutch newspaper: National first of Montessori Casa

  13. Core goals of primary education

    Schools have to take into account the core goals of primary education when developing their curriculum.

  14. Toileting

    How to work on Toileting in a Montessori way?

  15. Building Better Brains

    Reading by neuropsychologist about the development of brains of young children.

  16. Blog about starting to read

    Blog about the magic of reading (Lower Elementary)